Fatah Al Islam Vows to Fight for Sunnis in Lebanon

The militant Lebanese Islamist group Fatah al Islam vowed in a statement released Tuesday not to remain silent in face of what it considered were intentional attacks against Sunnis in Lebanon. "We will defend our people in this country and cut the heads of those who try to make them lower their heads, even if this costs us lives and bloodshed," says the statement.

The statement attacks the militant Shiite group Hezbullah as well as the Lebanese Future Party, which it accuses of being an "agent of the Americans." The group argues that the Future Party, which is led by Saad al Hariri, does not represent Lebanese Sunnis and holds it responsible for "killing our brothers and destroying a full refugee camp."

As for Hezbullah, the statement says claims that the Beirut attacks were in reaction to the governments moves against the group are lies. The statement says the intention is to weaken Sunnis in Lebanon and keep them divided.

The group also refutes claims by former parliament member Nasser Qandil about member of Fatah al Islam blocking roads to the factory. The statement refers to Qandil as the "mouthpiece" of Hezbullah and argues the intent of his statements is to justify an attack against the Sunnis in this area.