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Fashion Feedback at the Click of a Mouse

We've all been there: You have a job interview tomorrow, a hot date tonight, and you're just not sure what to wear. You need an unbiased opinion and you need it fast!

Well, you're in luck!

"Early Show" contributing correspondent Taryn Winter Brill showcased a new trend that's taking the fashion world by storm:

Think about it -- you can post your videos on YouTube and much of your life on Facebook. Now, there's a website where you can post word of your fashion dilemmas and ask total strangers for their feedback.

Instead of asking family and friends, many women are turning to the Internet, on sites such as, and asking total strangers whether they like or hate their outfits, based on images they post of themsevles in their outfits.

Brooke Moreland, the woman behind, says, "I think the stranger has no agenda. And you're not just asking one or two people -- you're getting opinions from a ton of people."

Launched less than a year ago, the site averages about 50,000 hits as day.

"When you're sort of a little bit worried, you're going on that first date, you're all excited, but is this exactly right -- someone can be there to give that you extra little boost of confidence," said Glamour Magazine's Contributing Style Editor, Tracey Lomrantz.

Cruel comments aren't allowed.

Winter Brill uploaded her look and gave a try.

While the dress wasn't necessarily the color she'd choose, she receieved a lot of positive feedback in less than five minutes.

Men are giving it a try, as well -- after all, they have first dates and job interviews too!

There are even wesbites that offer an added professional incentive.

"Glamour magazine is also catching the wave, and what they're doing is interesting, because they're teaming up with, so they're offering advice from the fashion community with a twist. Giving you advice from Glamour magazine stylists, as well," she said.