Fans Fete End Of Island Drama

000824 earlyshow chocolate rats survivor
The Survivor finale had all the aura of a Super Bowl or the Oscars.

And as with those events, the Swan Song was another excuse to party, reports CBS News Correspondent Jon Frankel.

The Survivor contestants started out as just regular people, but this summer they became stars.

And on Wednesday night, they got the royal treatment Hollywood style.

The red carpet was literally rolled out for the castaways at a big tropical shindig in a large studio in TV City.

Family, friends and lots of CBS brass all toasted the show's incredible success.

Along with the luminaries, Americans all across the country lit tiki torches and dished up tapioca.

Inventive hosts served clumpy rice, chocolate rats and mystery meat on skewers.

Guests faced the ever-present threat of getting voted out of the bash.

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