Family Found After 2 Days Stuck In Snow

Six family members from Vancouver, Wash., who'd gone out to cut themselves a Christmas tree were found safe Monday, huddled in their pickup truck in Oregon.

Officials had been searching since Sunday for Randy Kellems, his girlfriend and his four young children, all girls who range in age from four to 14.

One of them is autistic and needs medication to control her seizures.

Kim Kellum, the mother of the children, told KXL reporter Doug Carter she was worried about the child who has autism, Autumn. Because she hadn't had her medication, the bright light and snow could have triggered her to have seizures.

The family failed to return Saturday night from the tree-cutting trip.

It turns out their pickup had gotten stuck in about six inches of snow.

Searchers found them shortly after midnight last night. The search was complicated by the heavy snowfall in the area — more than a half-dozen inches fell Saturday night alone and parts of Washington State have been buried in up to 15 inches.

The family members were described as hungry and cold, but are all safe.

The group was traveling in a gray Toyota Tundra with several signs on it that say "Pacific Communications."