Darva Conger Marries A Millionaire

More and more, it seems, Americans are obsessed with celebrity. But is fame all it is cracked up to be? 48 Hours takes an inside look at the nature of modern stardom.

Surviving Fame: Correspondent Steve Hartman profiles some of the men and women trying to become stars by undergoing grueling tests on Survivor.

'Whassup' Storms The Country: Richard Schlesinger profiles four friends from Philadelphia whose casual greeting made them famous.

Sam I Am: Troy Roberts reports on Sammie Bush, a 13-year-old singer whose talent has brought him to the cusp of superstardom.

Marrying A Millionaire: Peter Van Sant profiles Darva Conger, the California nurse who married a millionaire on national television. Afterward, she discovered that celebrity is more complicated than she imagined.

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