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Fall Fashion: Hot Boots, Skinny Jeans

Two of the biggest trends for this fall and winter are jeans and boots. It's all about the new shape of jeans, which has paved the way for more boots than ever. Galina Espinoza, senior editor for People Stylewatch magazine, came to The Early Show to demonstrate how this look can be worn.

Espinoza said the boot cut jean is stepping aside to make way for the skinny jean, which can be tucked into boots. Although many people hear the words "skinny jeans" and are sure they will not look good on their bodies, Espinoza said the fitted cut is actually flattering.

Espinoza's tips for finding great jeans:

  • Women should try on many different pairs of jeans until they find the right one. There are so many brands that something is bound to look good.
  • If you want to look thinner, go for the darkest wash possible.
  • Don't be afraid to talk to salespeople and tell them you want jeans that will make your derriere look a little fuller or less full. They should be able to direct you to jeans that have a flattering cut for you.

    Some hot looks for fall:

    1) Brown tall boots by J. Crew ($238), jeans by Gap ($58), maroon turtleneck by J. Crew ($38), blazer by Benetton ($139)

    Espinoza called this the riding look: a very classic look with the riding boot. This look is not ideal for someone with full thighs because you're shortening your leg by stuffing your jeans into the boot and placing the emphasis on your upper thigh. This look is good for tall women with thin legs. Try and find a pair of jeans where you won't have any extra fabric at the knee or extra fabric above the boot.

    2) Tan tall boots by Rafe ($525), dark Jeans by AG ($145), brown ruffle blouse by Banana Republic ($68)

    This is a favorite look of Jennifer Aniston, who wants to look good but be comfortable. The boot also has a round toe and a wide, chunky heel, as opposed to less practical stilettos. Also, tan is a really hot color this season and can punch up a wardrobe.

    3) Foldover boots by Calvin Klein ($200), black jeans by Express ($79.50), black and gray striped sweater by Calvin Klein jeans

    With the foldover boot — a favorite of Beyonce — there is a risk of looking too much like a costume, so never wear them with ruffled blouses or you might look like a pirate. Wear these boots with one pop of color for a modern look. You could also not fold them over and wear them as thigh-high boots.

    4) Black ankle platform boots by Steve Madden, trouser jeans by Diesel ($190), white blouse by Rebecca Taylor

    For those who don't feel comfortable with skinny jeans, try this look. This boot has a round toe, which balances the silhouette better and is more proportional. A pointy toe would look too small with these jeans, which can be worn by all body types. Make sure they fit perfectly in the waist.

    5) Moss green ankle boots by Lulu Guinness ($420), skinny jeans by Mavi ($88), blue/gray long sleeved T-shirt by Velvet, teal sweater by Benetton

    This season, the '80s are coming back and so are ankle boots. Ankle boots are a good alternative to wearing heels in the winter because the foot is covered. Skinny jeans work really well with these boots because you can get cropped skinny jeans and show off the shoe, or let the jeans run over the boot and just have the toe peeking out.

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