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Face Recognition Security

Biometrics are coming to your home PC. You've heard by now about those ATMs that identify customers by scanning the iris of the eye. If you have a small video camera attached to your PC, you can add face recognition security. No more worrying about passwords, if your computer doesn't recognize the face of an authorized user, it stays locked. A company called Miros makes software called TrueFace, both for stand alone computers and networks.

You can use cameras that cost as little as a hundred dollars or less and not only does it use face recognition as a password, if someone who isn't supposed to tries to use your computer, it snaps a picture for you to see. And the price of the software, is under 60 dollars. You can download a free trial version at Company head Michael Kuperstein says industry wide standards are being developed so face, voice and fingerprint recognition systems can work together ...

"And this standardization process will accelerate the integration of all biometrics into applications. I think it's a great milestone for the industry and it's going to cause a lot of ease of adoption of all products."

What it means is that it will be more difficult to break into computer systems, when they can identify users with cameras, microphones and even fingerprints.

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