Eye On The Road

Sharyn Alfonsi

CBS News is hitting the road to get a first-hand look at how extraordinarily high gas prices are affecting ordinary people. Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi and her crew will travel from Florida to Massachusetts on Interstate 95 in three vehicles: a Toyota Prius hybrid; a Ford Expedition SUV and a mid-size Honda Accord. Along the way, Alfonsi and her team will talk to Americans who suffer every time the price at the pump rises. The five-part series, "CBS News: Eye on the Road," begins Monday, May 1 on the CBS Evening News with Bob Schieffer. CBSNews.com will also feature Alfonsi's reports.

Alfonsi and producer Michael Solmsen will start in Miami, Fla., where the increased price of fuel has a direct impact on healthcare and other services – like Meals on Wheels -- provided to the state's elderly population. They'll finish the trip in Cambridge, Mass., but will make stops in the following cities:

  • Sylvania, Ga., where farmers facing a 113% increase in fertilizer costs may be forced out of business.
  • Zebulon, N.C., home of the Carolina Mudcats, a minor league baseball team that travels more than 10,000 miles by bus per season and whose fans drive to the small town located outside Raleigh.
  • Arlington, Va., one suburb where commuters are rethinking their drive into the nation's capital

    Alfonsi will record a video diary and blog -- updated throughout the day -- for CBSNews.com with exclusive commentary about the places she's been and the people she's interviewed. In addition, CBSNews.com will feature exclusive web-only footage, as well as an interactive map of the crew's trip. The CBS News: Eye on the Road team will track how much gas each of their vehicle's uses and post the average price for each region on the Website.