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Extraordinary Easter Baskets

With Easter just around the corner, now is the time to get cooking with basket making ideas.

Creative consultant Daphne Shirley says to think outside the box this year and design Easter baskets specifically for the special people in your life.

The following are some of Shirley's inspiring Easter basket ideas she shared with The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith:

Magic Top Hat (as a basket) with a Bunny Coming Out

Using a plastic top hat you may have left over from New Year's Eve, simply wrap a piece of tissue paper or fabric around the hat, adding a ribbon band where the top hat meets the brim. Affix top edges with a glue gun.

Fill the basket with magical Easter items such as:

  • Write-on cookies, a Animal Alley furry stuffed rabbit from Toys 'R' Us, $6.99)
  • An egg shaped Etch a Sketch from Target, $5.99
  • Egg chalks and Jelly bean popsicles from Toys 'R' Us, $2.99
  • Chocolate bunny with five sets of extra chocolate ears, $14.95, which is available at

    Decoupage Photo Basket for Baby

    Turn a plain metal pail or bucket into a keepsake using photos of family or baby. Actual photos work, but it is easier to make color copies of photos (they are thinner and easier to affix).

    Adorn the bucket with the images using modge podge (available at craft stores). Cut the photos and affix, covering the entire surface. Shirley says the basket is perfect for a new Mom and her baby.

    Fill the baket with:

  • Comfy Cozy Lamb or bunny blanket, from for $28
  • Bunny hand puppet, $3.50 and Baby Duckie chocolates, $18 for 3, from
  • Personalized Elmo as Bunny, $29.99, exclusively from
  • Bunny sippy cup from Rite Aid, $2.99

    Baskets For Her: Fashion Tote

    Buy an attractive fashion tote and fill it with beautiful things.

    To make the fashionable Easter eggs, cut images of chic dresses, shoes, bags and hats, and affix to colored eggs using modge podge (available at crafts stores).

    Fill the basket with:

  • Bath ice cream, which is available in a bevy of flavors from, $7.50 a scoop
  • "Playboy bunny" flip-flops, $18, from
    Easter petit fours from, $39.95

    Baskets For Him: Golf Basket

    Fill his basket with all things golf -- just in time for the season. To make monogrammed eggs, affix letter stickers on eggs and then drop in desired color of dye. After removing from dye, dry egg and remove sticker.

    Fill the basket with:

  • Truffle golf balls, $14.50 for 3 and brightly colored cocktail shakers, $18 for 4, from
  • Golf towel and visor from
  • Trick golf balls, $24 for 4, from

    Lucky Picnic Basket
    Fill a picnic basket with spring and Easter treats, and head off to a grassy knoll. Pick a picnic basket from, $24. Include Easter egg fortunes, made by draining eggs and chipping a small hole in the end of the eggs.

    On strips of narrow paper, write Easter fortunes or little "tasks" such as "Kiss me in my Easter bonnet" or "Feed me a chocolate bunny."

    Also include Easter "carrots" filled with cheese and cheesy crackers. To make the carrots, fill a disposable clear plastic frosting bag with cheese or crackers and tie off with green raffia for the stem (both available at craft stores). Add some pink Fleur de Rose from Perrier Jouet in a beautiful flowery bottle.

    Also include the following:

  • Egg cookies from, $30-half price sale
  • Bunny blanket from
  • "I Can't Believe it's Body Butter" from, $18

    Natural Sod Basket
    For the organic naturalist, this basket is actually reusable as a hanging basket. Shirley demonstrated an all-natural "CocoPlanter" basket form Home Depot, $10, filled with an orange Begonia, ivy and lined with moss. Fill the basket with natural items such as Marbleized Easter Eggs.

    To make natural dyes, add your dying agent (4 cups of chopped red cabbage, 1 quart of brewed coffee, 4 cups of chopped red onion skins, 4 cups of chopped beets, or 3 tablespoons turmeric) to 1 quart of water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and bring to a boil. Let it simmer for half an hour then strain the dye and add eggs. To marbleize the eggs, add 1 tablespoon of oil to the mixture. Since oil and water don't mix, a marble effect develops as dye does now infiltrate dyed areas.

    Also included in basket:

  • Natural lettuce and carrot beauty and body products from
  • Gardener's Greenhouse Soy Carrot candle, $15, available at Anthropologie
  • Carrot chocolate pops from
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