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Ex-Steeler Charged With Forgery

Mike Webster, the Pittsburgh Steelers center who was elected to the NFL Hall of Fame, has been accused of forging prescriptions at another pharmacy.

Webster, who was charged last week with forgery at a pharmacy in Rochester, was charged Tuesday with presenting bogus prescriptions for Ritalin at three pharmacies in Center Township, about 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh.

Webster, 46, lives in the township.

He retired from the Kansas City Chiefs in 1990 after winning four Super Bowl rings with the Steelers. Since then, his troubles include a failed marriage, brief homelessness and illness. Webster said he had minor heart attacks, depression and post-concussion syndrome.

Ritalin is used to treat hyperactivity, and police said it can be abused as a stimulant. Webster obtained it 18 times at the Med-Fast Pharmacy, Wal-Mart and the CVS Pharmacy, township police Officer Jeffrey Stone alleged.

The prescriptions bore the name of Dr. Jerry Carter of Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh, but Carter told police he did not write them.

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