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Energy Roundup: Invasive Biofuel Crops, Duelling Studies, Expanding Nuclear and More

Biofuel crops double as invasive species -- Plants like giant reed, jatropha and miscanthus could become damaging invasive species just as kudzu has, according to the Invasive Species Advisory Committee. Scientists are examining dozens of plants for their ability to produce second-generation biofuels. [Source: ClimateWire / NYtimes]

Oil demand to continue rising through 2010 -- The International Energy Agency has predicted that Asian demand for oil will drive the commodity back up. The Federal Reserve also weighed in to say that the recession is easing, a sign that demand could recover in developed nations. [Sources: MarketWatch, Bloomberg]

Duelling studies show Americans love, hate climate bill -- Zogby finds that 45 percent of respondents are in strongly favor of climate legislation; Rasmussen tallies only 19 percent. It's not clear which is more accurate. The Zogby report may have been less neutral in its phrasing of questions, but Rasmussen assumes knowledge that many interviewees may not have. [Source: BusinessWeek]

The difficulties of a nuclear renaissance -- Fulfilling the Democrats' plans for reducing emissions would require the major feat of doubling nuclear generation by 2030, according to new predictions from the Energy Information Administration. Critics of nuclear power are unhappy with the figure. Meanwhile, a senior US official said that renewed interest in nuclear plants is making nuclear weapon non-proliferation agreements harder to strike. [Sources: Washington Times, AFP]

Down with Palin, up with energy -- Sarah Palin's chapter as governor of Alaska closed on an ignominous note, as 45 of 60 lawmakers chose to override her rejection of $28 million in stimulus funds for energy in the state, going along with the wishes of local business groups. [Source: Christian Science Monitor]

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