Did you spot Ed Harris in "Gravity"?


Ed Harris' 35-year movie career is legendary for its versatility. He's played in films ranging from "The Right Stuff" and "A Beautiful Mind" to "Gone Baby Gone" and "Pollock."

But did you know he also appeared in the Oscar-winning film "Gravity" as well?

Viewers don't see his face, but Harris is the voice of Mission Control at the start of the film.

Harris recalled on "CBS This Morning: Saturday," "Alfonso (Cuaron) asked me if I would do (the part). It was pretty interesting because when I did that, in the studio, they had the footage, but it was just the faces and then the bodies were all like, almost cartoon drawings. I mean, they were very early on in the process because it took them forever. I enjoyed doing it. I was glad he asked me. He's a nice guy. It would have been nice if he'd mentioned my name at the Oscars."

In his new film, "The Face of Love," Harris plays a man who looks just like the late husband of a character played by Annette Bening.

He said Bening was someone he'd wanted to work with since they'd met through their theater work. "I always had a lot of respect for her, not only as an actress, but as a human being, and, so, we really had a good time. It was great working with her."

For more of the discussion with Harris, watch his full "CBS This Morning: Saturday" interview in the video above.