EconSM Spotlight: AOL President Ron Grant And Bebo President Joanna Shields

This story was written by Amanda Natividad.
If all goes according to plan, by the time we meet in LA for EconSM at the end of April, AOL's surprising $850 million acquisition of Bebo will be a done deal. That won't put an end to the questions though, especially since it only marks the beginning of integrating the social net with AOL (NYSE: TWX). That's why we're especially pleased to announce that two of the key playersAOL President Ron Grant and Bebo President Joanna Shields-- will be at EconSM to talk about the deal that's made headlines across the globe. What does this mean for Bebo users? How will AOL use Bebo in international markets and what can Bebo for AOL here in the U.S.? Can AOL make the most of Bebo's ad inventory? And how will AOL avoid the integration issues it faces now with Platform-A? For answers to these and to ask questions of your own register today and we'll see you at EconSM. And don't forget, the Early Bird discount ends today at 12 PM PST.

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By Amanda Natividad