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EconSM Countdown: Getting Real: Grown-Up Start Ups

This story was written by Elizabeth Osder.

Exactly a week left in our Economics of Social Media conference, and time to get real. Starting a company is easy compared to what comes next: moving beyond early adopters, scaling, adapting to new competition, evolving into the best internal structure. Then there's the real question: How do you define success? A thriving stand-alone business or a lucrative exit? We'll ask these founders and CEOs these questions and more. Come listen to them at our EconSM conference on April 29th, at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Dalton Caldwell, Founder and CEO, imeem

Seth Goldstein, Co-founder and CEO, SocialMedia Networks

Keith Richman, Co-founder and CEO,

Kevin Rose, Founder and Chief Architect, Digg

Toni Schneider, CEO, Automattic

Moderator: Shawn Gold, CEO, Social Approach

By Elizabeth Osder

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