EconMusic Video: Billy Bragg And Others On Social Media, Music and Artist Compensation

This story was written by Amanda Natividad.
Late last month we had our first EconMusic conference at the Natural History Museum in London, where we talked about all things digital music, including how its affected by the mobile industry, piracy, as well as the new trend of artists bypassing stores to reach out directly to their fans. During our rather explosive panel about social media, Billy Bragg; David Hyman, CEO, Mog; Spencer Hyman, COO,; Steve Purdham, CEO, We7; Danny Rimer, Partner, Index Ventures talked about the impact sites like MySpace and more recently, has on royalties and rev shareprompting Bragg to exclaim, "that's my revenue stream you're pissing with."

The full writeup is here and video is embedded below (and RSS readers will have to click through).

By Amanda Natividad