EconMusic: Our Coverage In Links

This story was written by Amanda Natividad.
We just had our first EconMusic conference at London's Natural History Museum. During the jam-packed day we talked about mobile music declining, the problem with all-you-can-eat downloading, and our co-editor and EVP Staci D. Kramer interviewed BPI's CEO, Geoff Taylor. However, the biggest response undoubtedly came from Billy Bragg exclaiming, "That's my income stream you're pissing in." More highlights:

-- @ EconMusic: Keynote Q&A: Geoff Taylor, BPI CEO: 'No Way' Will ISPs Cut Off Customers
-- @ EconMusic: Mobile Music: A Panacea In Decline?
-- @ EconMusic: Paying vs. Piracy: Finding Lost Revenue; "All You Can Eat" Not Convincing?

The rest can be seen on our EconMusic channel.

Many thanks to all those who participated, and to our sponsors and partners, Nawr, Frukt Music, MuseExpo and MusicTank.

By Amanda Natividad