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Eatery Dishes Up No-Cell Zone

Diners at The Vineyard can distance themselves from the din of cell phone chatter.

The restaurant has designated a "No-Cell-Phone" area, after customers who complained about listening to conversations from adjacent tables asked for the ban.

"We had a therapist in from New York in who was giving marriage counseling on the phone for 30 minutes and there were two other tables in the dining area and both complained," server Brittany Peacock said.

The seating preference changes with the time of day.

"At dinner there are people who don't want cell phones," Peacock said. "At lunch people come in and expect to take a call in the middle of the day and they want cell phones."

If someone receives a call while in the cell-free area, they are asked to go outside or into the other area.

"It's an interruption. It's loud. Normally you speak louder on a cell phone and it interrupts the peaceful atmosphere of a restaurant," customer Bo Landry said.

"I think you need an option if you have emergencies. A lot of people have kids at home with a baby sitter, but also think it's a nice to go to an area where it won't interrupt your meal."

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