Earnings: Nintendo Revenues Up 24.3 Percent; Software Revenues Up 39 Percent

This story was written by James Quintana Pearce.
Nintendo has released its second quarter results, showing a growth in net sales of 24.3 percent year-on-year to 423.3 billion yen (US$3.92 billion). Operating income increased 31.5 percent to 119.1 billion yen (US$1.10 billion) and net income increased 33.6 percent to 107.2 billion yen (US$0.992 billion). Nintendo's net profits were helped by the weakening of the yen against the dollar notes Forbes.

Increases in software revenue made up the bulk of growth. Software revenue increased 39 percent year-on-year to 160.4 billion yen (US$1.48 billion), and hardware revenue increased 16.9 percent year-on-year to 262.2 billion yen (US$2.43 billion). Although sales of Nintendo DS remained stable (falling slightly for the first time) the number of units of software shipped increased by 2.33 million, to 36.59 million for the quarter. The real strength came from the Wii thoughhardware sales increased by 1.74 million units year-on-year to 5.17 million, but software sales increased by 153 percent year-on-year, selling 40.41 million units in Q208 compared to 15.98 million units in Q207. Mario Kart Wii sold 6.42 million units while Wii Fit sold 3.42 million units.

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By James Quintana Pearce