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E! Online's @Tiger (Woods) Gossip Is Now Following Me on Twitter

On true business days, I'm used to getting emails alerting me that people (or bots) have decided to follow me on Twitter. But who would start following me during the deadest business days of the year? The days before, during and after Christmas?

I found one woman, who, from the looks of her profile picture, is in the porn trade. I blocked her. But I also found the @tigergossip Twitter account, consisting solely of gossip about Tiger Woods, has deemed me worthy of following. Must be because I've had a little fun with the Tiger saga lately, pointing out, for instance, the bizarr-o brilliance of The New York Post launching a Tiger Woods blog. But what surprised me wasn't the follow -- it's routine now for followers to jump onto your feed after one mere, offhand mention of a hot keyword -- but who the follow was really coming from. The account is backed by the cable network E! Online (see logo above).

Curious, I started searching for other E! Online Twitter accounts focused on different celebrities. @britneygossip? Yep. @angelinagossip? You got it. Though I struck out on Paris, Lindsay Lohan, and the Gosselins, it appears E! Online has a whole cottage industry of celebrity-focused Twitter accounts. It's a little hard to call the setting up of a couple of Twitter accounts a business strategy, but, nonetheless, it's a bit surprising that other parts of the celebrity news machine haven't gotten all over this. Twitter can only amplify the wattage of celebrity scandals; why not make your gossip rag its white-hot center?

While you spend the week mulling over the immense ramifications of what I just discovered, I'll be looking for strategies to get @britneygossip and @angelinagossip to follow me. Have a happy.

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