E-mail: Remembering General Casey

Yesterday, producer Mary Walsh blogged about the OTHER General Casey -- the father of the new Army Chief of Staff. She got a note today from one of the men who worked with the General's father:
Thank you for including my tribute; but my words come up short describing the man - George W Casey. I served with him in Vietnam as his Assistant Chief of Staff, when he was a colonel and Chief of Staff of the 1st Cavalary Division. He once insisted I come to a staff meeting, at the end of which he stood up and announced the birth of my son. He then had the Division Adjutant General read promotion orders promoting me to major, pointing out that we need to take care of our soldiers, who have new responsibilities. As it turned out, it was the same day orders were cut in Washington, D.C. promoting me - I was on the promotion list. There are many more stories which all of us could tell, all of which would not only reflect on his leadership, but also his humanity. I, myself, could fill up several pages of incidents reflecting his love of his troops, his compassion, his leadership, and his humor. Even now, 30 years later, each day I say a prayer for him, hoping that the Good Lord has taken him into His bosom. By the way, he bet me $10 that the Red Sox would win the 1967 World Series, played after he rotated back to the states. Two weeks after the end of the world series, the colonel, yet to be promoted, sent me the $10.

Again thank you for letting me be part of the tribute to a wonderful man and great leader. He was felt by many to eventually hold the same position for which his son has been nominated. How fitting, though I am sure that General Casey, Jr is most deserving on his own.

Yes, he commands a lifelong love of the man.

Joseph G. Ward, II LTC, Ret, U.S. Army