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Ducks' Star In Car Accident

Teemu Selanne, the NHL's top goal scorer last season, escaped injury after crashing into a car driven by Finland's hockey chief, who was hospitalized.

Selanne, a right wing for the Anaheim Mighty Ducks who turned 29 Saturday, collided with a car driven by Kalervo Kummola, president of the Finnish Ice Hockey Federation and a member of parliament. The accident happened Friday while Selanne was practicing for a road rally.

Kummola was accompanied by former NHL player Raimo Helminen, two of Selanne's friends from Anaheim, and the son of Selanne's co-driver. The other passengers also were brought to the hospital, where they were treated for minor injuries.

Kummola was expected to recover from undisclosed injuries. He was being held at least over the weekend in a hospital near Ikalis, about 130 miles from Helsinki.

Teamu Selanne admits he was at fault for the auto accident.
Teamu Selanne admits he was at fault for the auto accident. (AP)

Police said Selanne's car was traveling 80-90 mph when it hit the other vehicle after the hockey star reversed direction. Police said Selanne probably would be charged with severely endangering the road safety.

"The incident was my fault," Selanne admitted. "I was so eager going with the fantastic car that I forgot that one car was coming after me, and I turned and went off."

Selanne is known for his fondness for cars and fast driving, and has competed among professionals in three World Championship rallies in Finland and other endurance events.

He had 47 goals last season, his seventh in the NHL.

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