Duchess Of York Hosts Talk Show

The talk-show wars will be joined by a duchess Thursday, CBS News Correspondent Mark Phillips reports.

Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, has her own morning talk show. The former wife and current housemate of Britain's Prince Andrew calls the show Surviving Life.

It was probably inevitable that Fergie's path would lead to her own TV chat show. But the reviews haven't all been kind.

"If she wasn't a royal, it wouldn't work at all," said Ann Treneman, a writer for The Independent who follows the various activities of Britain's royals. "The fact that she is who she is makes it work in a kind of tacky sort of way. But I don't mean to put her down, because it works for her. She believes truly that she has suffered."

The duchess is hosting the television show for the same reason she did the TV commercials: She needs the money, badly. She also needs a life.

"She has had an extraordinary life by any standards," Trenemen says. "So I think there is some interest in her."

The show's theme has lofty ideals. The first program was on faith. Hope and charity are soon to follow.