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Drew Brees reveals $1M commitment to Sandy relief on "Person to Person"

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his wife Brittany's Brees Dream Foundation will commit $1 million to help with Hurricane Sandy relief efforts in the Northeast, they reveal on the next edition of CBS News' special "Person To Person" to be broadcast Nov. 23, 2012 at 10/9c on the CBS Television Network.

"We want to be able to give back what's been given to us," Drew Brees tells co-hosts Charlie Rose and Lara Logan on "Person To Person." The couple also say their foundation will infuse $2 million into the New Orleans community before the Super Bowl in February.

In a wide-ranging interview, Drew and Brittany give viewers a tour of their New Orleans home, sharing their thoughts about the city, football, their foundation and family.

The couple bought their home in 2006 and just completed their third renovation.

"I'm having everything Scotchgarded," says Brittany. "Come back in like two months and there'll be crayon on the wall...stains on the couches."

During the tour they share personal family photos and, sports memorabilia. Brees told Rose and Logan he had wanted to be a professional baseball player. His hero is Boston Red Sox legend Ted Williams. Over time Brees has acquired some of the Williams' personal items such as his flight logs from World War II. Brees says he respects Williams' "mindset in regards to serving his country."

"I'm truly a fan," Drew Brees adds. "It's why I wear the number 9."

Drew and Brittany introduce their three sons - Baylen, Bowen and Callen - all under the age of 4. Brees agreed that family dwarfs football in their house. "There's nothing like being a father. It's the greatest thing in the puts everything in perspective."

Viewers will also see that while Drew can control things on the football field, his control over his team at home isn't always as sure. "It's a lot of testosterone in the house," says Brittany over the shrieks of the kids.

Brees also discusses the "Bountygate" scandal, in which the NFL penalized the team for allegedly paying bonuses to team members who injured players on rival teams. The scandal resulted in coach Sean Payton being suspended for a year.

Calling Payton a friend and mentor, Drew Brees says the team is carrying on. "We try to remain as positive as possible and really think about the season and the team and winning, 'cause I know that's what he would want us to do," he says.

He adds that there have been a lot of "false accusations" made about the existence of bounties. "That was never the case and it's yet to be proven," Brees says. "Unfortunately, I think the perception has kind of become reality in that regard. But I think all that will come out in due time and these guys will be vindicated."

Brees says New Orleans has embraced him and his family. "We feel so loyal and so tied to the city." Adds Brees, "It's a very unique place. But if you love New Orleans, it'll love you back."

The visit with the Brees family will be presented alongside interviews with Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys, Oscar-winning actor Sean Penn and Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas on the CBS News special, "Person To Person."

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