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Draw Something sheds 4M daily users in the past month


(CNET) Interest in Draw Something appears to have peaked and then fallen off a cliff.

The wildly popular game, which most resembles the board game Pictionary, was released in February, and within the first two weeks, it skyrocketed with 10 million downloads. Quickly, both the free and paid versions were No. 1 on iTunes' download charts.

Draw Something's player numbers for the past month. AppData

By early April, the game had exceeded 50 million downloads and boasted more than 14 million daily users. However, in the past month, Draw Something has lost 4 million daily active users, according to data from market analyst AppData, which says it collects information directly from Facebook's active users formula. The game has also lost 900,000 daily players in the past week, according to AppData.

The sharp decline marks a brief honeymoon period for Zynga, which bought game maker OMGPOP for $180 million in March. Besides Draw Something, OMGPOP offers a host of other online games, including Checkers, Pool, and others.

More painful than the Draw Something player dropoff is the decline in the company's stock price. Since its acquisition of OMGPOP, Zynga's stock has declined more than 38 percent. Shares closed today at 8.95, up 49 cents, or 5.8 percent.

CNET has contacted Zynga for comment on the decline, and we will update this report when we hear back.

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