Does Concern Apply?

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Election Day is along ways off. It's early yet right? Plenty of time to make the big decision, plenty of time to kick the old campaign into high gear, really focus on the issues… If you're a fan of Barack Obama you might want to be a tad bit concerned.

When, may I ask was his last great day? A day when the news belonged to him, a day when whatever the story he wasn't in a position of having to be defensive…or in a posture of having to explain or re explain himself.

Senator Obama has been doing a lot of retail work in purple states, but that rarely converts into front page headlines. The only headlines he's made have come on the days he reused federal funding of his campaign or had to re explain his position on Iraq, or watch Hillary Clinton endorse him, or when he was reaching out to bill.

A new AP Yahoo poll shows 52% of white voters view him negatively. That's up 12 percent from last November. It may be a little early to use the word trouble…..but does concern apply?
By Harry Smith