A Lawrenceville, Georgia man is under arrest following a high-speed chase and police officers are under scrutiny for the way in which they subdued the suspect.

The incident was videotaped and broadcast live by Atlanta television stations.

Police attempted to stop a man they said appeared to be driving under the influence of alcohol. But the suspect refused to stop.

TV station helicopters videotaped the ensuing chase that wound through three Georgia counties for about 20 minutes during the afternoon rush Wednesday.

The chase finally ended when the unidentified suspect's pickup truck was boxed in by police vehicles. He was arrested, but not before being kicked and beaten.

The videotape shows the officers— guns drawn— pulling the suspect from his truck, and then two officers punched and kicked him several times while he was on the ground.
It was hard to see the suspect and to determine if he may have done something to provoke the officers.

The suspect was finally taken off to jail on D-U-I, reckless driving and numerous other charges.

Now, several local residents are questioning the amount of force used to subdue the suspect, and the Lawrenceville police department says the entire incident is under investigation.

The department issued a statement saying the videotape will be reviewed "to make sure that the force that was used was necessary and within policy."