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Disney Says Maybe on Online Video Subscription Service

This story was written by Rafat Ali.
Unlikely that a single online company online video subscription service would be lucrative enough for anyone, but no harm in talking it up in the paid-content friendly environment these days: Walt Disney (NYSE: DIS) CEO Bob Iger was speaking today at a Deutsche Bank-sponsored conference in Florida, and said that he could see his company creating a subscription-based online video club to capture online consumers as well as revenue that is being lost to piracy, reports Reuters. But that's where he left it, and made some generic remarks about online content and its importance for the company: "We're trying to find ways to make it work for us and not fight itFrom our perspective, the computer is a very, very important place to entertain people." Disney is already selling its content on iTunes through its relationship with Apple (NSDQ: AAPL), though of course that is an a la carte service. The company has been among the first media giants to put its full TV shows online for free (ad-supported), though it has stuck to its own branding and environment for it.

Addressing critics who says the margins online are much thinner, he said, what they "aren't realizing is the business that we are used to may be overWhen it comes to piracy, are we better off moving content faster and cheaper than if they steal it and we get nothing?"

By Rafat Ali