Dilbert's Creator Wants You to Abuse Him...Tomorrow Night

fighting-dilbert.jpgScott Adams isn't just the man behind Dilbert. He's also an MBA from UC Berkeley, a jack of all trades (see the long list of "humiliating and low paying jobs" in his bio) and a clever self-promoter. In his latest blog post, he invites us all to see him in Second Life, where anyone can freely kick his avatar (made using digital photos of his head) "in the virtual nuts."

For real. (Well, virtually.)

Adams explains:

"This idea was born of the old marketing truism, 'Your customers tell you what business you are in.' In my case, this blog has evolved to a forum where I say unpopular things and my readers abuse me in the comments. I'm just extending that to the virtual world where you can take out your frustration at my stubborn refusal to recognize the truth and beauty of your opinions, by kicking me in the 'nads. This is what you call being customer focused. I think Nordstrom could learn a thing or two from my example."
He concludes the post with:
"And if you can't think of a reason to kick me in the nuts, allow me to mention far too often that my new book is out, called Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey-Brain! Available at local bookstores or on Amazon.com."
Pretty genius, no? Freakonomics has been hosting a Q&A with Adams for the past few days. There may be time to check in with him after tonight to see how sore his avatar is.

(Dilbert image courtest of Ol.v!er [H2vPk], cc 2.0)