Did Habitat for Humanity Use Defective Drywall?


Habitat for Humanity, the well-known non-profit Christian organization that builds affordable homes for people in need, installed a specific type of drywall in several dozen New Orleans homes in 2009 long after it was made public that the product could be defective.

According to an investigation by the Sarasota Herald Tribune and ProPublica, the New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity continued using a stockpile of drywall made by the Chinese manufacturers, Taishan Gypsum Co., up until November 2009 - even though other builders had stopped using it and even though some Habitat homeowners complained of problems. Habitat had purchased the Chinese product two years earlier in March of 2007.

In early 2009, media and government probes linked two Chinese drywall manufacturers, including Taishan, to reports that bad drywall was emitting sulfur gases destroying some U.S. homes, making them uninhabitable.

In a letter to homeowners, Habitat for Humanity claimed the drywall they used had been testing and it posed "no danger to homeowners."