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Dick Tracy Hunts Real Suspects

Comic strip hero Dick Tracy always gets his villain. And although his track record is fictional, it's enviable enough to catch the eye of some very real crime fighters.

As CBS News Correspondent Diana Olick reports for This Morning, Dick Tracy is joining the search for James Kopp and the rest of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.

"Lots and lots of adults read Dick Tracy," says Tron Brekke of the FBI. "This gives the public a chance. Instead of looking at fictional characters that Dick Tracy is chasing, this gives them a chance to get involved in real life and maybe bring to justice one of this country's Ten Most Wanted fugitives."

This includes men like international terrorist Osama bin Laden; or James Kopp and Eric Rudolph, two men believed to be waging a deadly war against abortion providers.

Drawings of these fugitives will be featured in the comic strip beginning a week from Sunday. Officials say it is one more way to get the message out, like the bureau's Web site, which gets thousands of hits a day. The comic strip reaches more than a 100 newspapers, which amounts to thousands more eyes.

"I don't think there's anything such as an inappropriate place to put a Ten Most Wanted list," Brekke continues. "I mean, a lot of people, the more eyes and ears out there that are looking, the better."

Almost one-third of the Ten Most Wanted captures were the direct result of publicized pictures. And while this might not be what J. Edgar Hoover envisioned when he first published the list in 1950, at least there's another detective on the case.

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