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Delta flight lands in Seattle after engine catches fire

SEATAC, Wash. -- A Delta Air Lines flight heading from Anchorage, Alaska, to Atlanta had to make an emergency stop at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport after one of its engines caught fire.

Airport spokesman Perry Cooper says Flight 2469 landed at 2:24 a.m. Thursday, but the fire was out before the Boeing 767 touched down.

Cooper says the pilots were able to get the problem resolved in the air. Cooper says they reported a fire in the No. 2 engine but said they shut the engine down and put out the blaze with the cold air.

Fire crews stood by when the plane landed, but they were not needed. The passengers were taken to a gate and had their trips rescheduled.

CBS affiliate KIRO-TV reports that a passenger took this photo of flames shooting out of one of the plane's two engines:

A passenger took this photo of flames shooting out of the plane's engine. KIRO

"The flames were coming out. It was very scary and I was sitting with my two girls and just trying to keep them calm," said passenger Stephanie Woods.

The passengers told KIRO that after the landing, the captain came out of the cockpit with tears in his eyes.

"The captain's a hero... it was absolutely amazing. He just came out and talked to us, actually, and everyone was clapping and he was teary and this was just nuts," Woods said.

Delta released a statement, which said: "The flight crew of Delta flight 2469 from Anchorage to Atlanta elected to divert to Seattle after receiving an indication on one of the engines. The flight landed without incident. Customers were provided snacks, beverages, blankets and pillows while another aircraft was prepared to continue the flight from Seattle."

The Boeing 767-300 had 255 customers and eight crew members on board.