De La Hoya Wants $30M Deal

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Oscar De La Hoya wants double the proposed $15 million purse to get into the ring with Felix Trinidad.

According to Sunday's El Mundo newspaper, De La Hoya won't agree to fight Trinidad in a welterweight reunification fight for the $15 million that he has been offered.

"Oscar not only has not signed the contract but also will not accept the offered purse of $15 million to fight Trinidad," the newspaper quoted Roberto Alcazar, De La Hoya's trainer, in a telephone interview from Los Angeles.

Alcazar said De La Hoya, the WBC champion, was discussing getting double that amount with his promoter, Bob Arum.

The $15 million figure came from Arum, who is arranging the Sept. 18 bout in Las Vegas. De La Hoya was paid $5 million for his last bout, when he defended his title against Oba Carr in Las Vegas two weeks ago.

It was thought that everything was arranged when, after an internal dispute about how to share the purse, Trinidad's camp agreed this week to $10.5 million for the IBF champion. Trinidad was said to get $8.5 million and promoter Don King $2 million.

Trinidad's lawyer Nicolas Medina said the Puerto Rican fighter had accepted the deal only after Arum had informed him that De La Hoya had agreed to the terms, El Mundo said.

Trinidad is undefeated in 35 fights with 30 knockouts and for years has sought an opportunity to challenge De La Hoya, who is considered the top welterweight in the world. De La Hoya has won all 31 of his fights, with 22 knockouts.

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