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David Allen: What Kind of Self-Manager Are You?

The patron saint of personal productivity is back —
and this time he's offering more than just a system for handling overflowing email inboxes and misplaced files. In his third book, "Making It All Work," David Allen takes his popular Getting Things Done model to the next level and promises a full-fledged road map for processing life and work in tandem.

According to Allen, most people, whether at work or at home, fall victim to common organizational "syndromes." There's the person who stays on top of only enough details to stay afloat, or the micromanager, whose overly tight grip on life and work leads to too much focus on organizing and too little on accomplishing tasks. In these exclusive excerpts, Allen explains what it takes to be a successful self-manager and how to (finally) get focused.

Exclusive Video: Allen Explains the Book
Understanding the Matrix of Self-Management
The Victim/Responder
The Micromanager/Implementer
The Crazymaker/Visionary
The Captain and Commander
The Matrix Is Relative, Situational, and Fluid
Paying Attention to What Has Your Attention

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