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Dave Price Reflects on His "No Way Home" Alaskan Experience

Dave en route to Fairbanks. CBS

By Dave Price

Well, it's not as easy as thought this time. I think I saw too many episodes of "Ice Road Truckers" and "Deadliest Catch." I kinda' thought I'd get crew on a fishing boat make a bunch of money and fly right out to Seattle. NOT. 

Special Section: No Way Home

I'm finally in Fairbanks - yes, Fairbanks - almost straight north of Anchorage - on Day 2. I got a lift from a medical air evacuation company (Guardian Flight) who are repositioning aircraft this afternoon and tomorrow). I will wind up tomorrow - in Bellingham, Wash. They are angels - not just for helping me get to the lower 48, but because of the remarkable work these pilots and nurses do day in and day out. Now, as far as my situation....I am stockpiling money and making new, great friends. BUT, I need to leave. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I have to find work in Fairbanks tonight -- temps will be in the single digits and there will be snow. As exhausting and challenging as this has been so early on in this trip....I'm sad to leave Alaska tomorrow. Do me a favor and do yourself a favor: See this beautiful place and meet these beautiful people. It will change you.

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