Dating Web Site Kicks Out "Fatties"

A screengrab of, which kicked out 5,000 members in early 2010 for being too fat.
Is it a simple case of out-of-control elitism, or is it just the right thing to do?

The dating service has dumped thousands of members. The reason? Because they're too fat, reports CBS Station WCBS in New York.

Log on to the dating Web site and you won't find any ugly people. Now, according to the site's owners, you won't find any fat ones either.

"We especially noticed that from November - as we all know, Thanksgiving - all the way through New Year, members had been gaining weight and sort of letting themselves go," managing director Genevieve Maylam said.

So the site dumped 5,000 subscribers who, they say, overindulged.

The Web site says it received complaints from members that there were too many "fatties" roaming around, and not enough beauties.

"I just think that's horrible, it's horrible," TriBeCa resident Tobey Hayduk said.

Those members who didn't meet the beauty benchmark received an e-mail explaining that they had been expelled because of their extra pounds. The message also included some tips on working out, and an invitation to reapply when they slimmed down.

CBS 2 took the site's plan to a New York Sports Club.

"Cruel and unusual punishment, probably, is the best thing to say," Gramercy resident Beth Roberts said.

"I think it's awful - however, it's kind of what you signed up for," TriBeCa resident Tori Maisey said.

Body image expert Karen Salmansohn says the Web site's harsh rejection could be damaging even to people who aren't on it.

"I think it's kind of actually scary that they would kick off people because they packed on a couple pounds over the holidays," Salmonsohn said. "It's a wrong message. Chemistry's such a mysterious thing."

"I think the physical aspect is definitely not number one for me," Prospect Heights resident Tracy Copeland said. "It's a part of it, but I don't think I should log on to and actually find someone to date."

Those behind make no apologies and say what their site lacks in political correctness, it makes up for in honesty.

More than 1,500 members from the U.S. were kicked out, nearly double any other country, because the folks who run the Web site say Americans pig out more than anyone else during the holidays.

Local Video from CBS 2 HD in New York