Data at Mid-Size Companies Grows Fifty-Fold in Three Years

Hard Drive image courtesy RJT [public domain]Internet2 has its speed (see earlier BNET1 post), but that's just one factor in the burgeoning need for corporate data; maybe 'burgeoning' isn't quite the right word... 'Ballooning' would be more descriptive. In three short years, among the 9,000 mid-sized companies in the U.S., digital storage has gone from 2 TB to 100 TB per company, representing a 50-fold increase from 2003-2006.

By 2010, that data will grow even further, and the world will hit the elusive but ever-so-close 'zettabyte' (a trillion gigabytes).

What's even more useful to know is how a company can meet growing data needs without breaking the bank. A start would be to de-duplicate your data -- 70% of the data stored at companies are dupes. "That's why there's so much excitement around data de-duplication technology," says Robert Stevenson, Managing Director of the InfoPro.

Hard Drive image courtesy RJT [public domain]