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Dash-cam video shows "Star Wars" actor's wild highway chase

New video has been released of the dangerous highway chase that Jake Lloyd, who played young Aniken Skywalker in the "Star Wars" prequels, gave Charleston Police.

Reports broke Monday that the 26-year-old actor was arrested last week in South Carolina after trying to evade capture while speeding down Interstate 95 for about 25 minutes. He gave police the name Jake Broadbent when he finally stopped, but his true identity was revealed during a background check.

The footage obtained by TMZ from a dash cam of a police car shows Lloyd driving in the median and kicking up dirt and debris as he reaches 117 mph in his Nissan, Colleton County police reported.

The video begins with Lloyd's car swerving off the highway into the median, nearly driving into oncoming traffic. The clip shows Lloyd in the chase reaching high speeds and traffic weaving, and ends with him swerving off in a cloud of dust and smashing into a fence and trees.

He was charged with driving without a license, reckless driving, failure to stop and resisting arrest, and remains in police custody.

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