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Danza's 'View' From Broadway

Actor Tony Danza is perhaps best known for his roles in TV series like Taxi and Who's the Boss? But now he's got the theater on his mind as he's making his Broadway debut in the drama A View From the Bridge.

Tony Danza? In a Tony Award-winning Arthur Miller play? The idea initially seemed odd even to Danza himself.

"I get a call from my agent and he says, 'We're going to see A View from the Bridge. There's interest in you'," Danza recalls. His incredulous answer to his agent: "There's interest in me for A View From the Bridge? Wait a minute. Doesn't Arthur Miller have to okay it?"

Although the show is ending its Broadway run next weekend, Danza says he hopes to join the show's national touring company some time next year.

Danza has made something of a career speciality of playing nice guys. But, in A View from the Bridge, his character is quite the opposite.

"I do a lot of yelling., My voice takes a beating - my beautiful voice!" Danza tells CBS 'This Morning' Co-Anchor Mark McEwen.

According to Danza, playing Eddie Carbone isn't that much of a stretch. Like his character, he is from Brooklyn. And you may remember Danza was first discovered more than 20 years ago at a boxing gym. And as luck would have it, the character of Eddie is a boxer, too.

"We do [a] mock fight and he hit me," says Danza. "Out of doing all those pro fights, I never got cut. I get cut doing Broadway."

During the play's run on Broadway, Danza also has served as something of a ticket salesman during the day.

"I go down to the ticket booth in Times Square ,and I hand out flyers and sort of solicit tickets, and I tell people 'Listen, come see an Arthur Miller play; it ain't Lion King, but this is something you'll enjoy'."

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