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Dandy Candy You Can Wear!

Maybe you know what you're grilling for your summer cookout or picnic, but what about dessert? Care for some candy?

Dylan Lauren, CEO of Dylan's Candy Bar, stopped by "The Early Show" Monday with some fun ideas for your summer -- that won't melt in the sun!

Parties and cookouts will be in full-swing this weekend for the Fourth of July, and if you're looking for a fun and easy way to decorate, candy party decorations are a great way to add some festive flair to your barbeque.

To create a playful centerpiece, simply take your favorite red, white, and blue candies (jellybeans, rock candy, or M&Ms) and put them in your favorite vase. To top it off, spice it up by adding your favorite festive lollipops.

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Make your guests feel welcome and help those who are meeting for the first time to remember each other's names with unique place cards. Lollipop place cards add a personal touch and are inexpensive to make.

Simply cut red, white, or blue pieces of paper into a star shape, whole punch one of the corners and write your guests' names in alternating colors. Then use a string or a twisty to tie the card to the base of the lollipop.

These can double as a party favor that guests can bring home to remember how much fun they had at your party.

It's always a good idea to thank your host or hostess, so if you're not hosting your own barbeque this weekend, here are some ideas for you to bring as a thank you gift that will match the theme of the party.

Dylan's candy bar featured Jellybeans sold in the shape of an American Flag, or some red velvet cookies. You can also create your own customized candy capsule using your host's favorite treat.

But don't let your candy melt in this hot weather; Dylan's Candy Bar now has Sun-Safe candy. You don't have to worry about bringing these items to a picnic because they will not melt in the sun. Dylan's Candy Bar has three different groups of non-melting candy.

In the hard candy group, Dylan's Candy Bar offers Whirly Pops, Push Pops, Sprees, Unicorn Pops, and Nerds. But if you're looking for something a little chewier, Laffy Taffy, Nerd Ropes, Kazoozles, Fun Dip and Woofy Pops might be more for you. Of course, there is also the ice cream flavored candy that has all the taste, but none of the mess: Jelly Belly Ice Cream in a Cone, Mint Chocolate Chip lollipops, Orange Cremiscle Bars, food cookies, and Icee Spray.

Not only is candy fun, it can be stylish too; the hottest trend this summer is candy jewelry. Dylan's Candy Bar offers different colors and textures of make-it-yourself jewelry decorating. It is fun, cheap, and you can exercise your creative muscles, all you need are some strong scissors, and of course, candy. This can keep the kids entertained for hours because there is an endless amount of designs you can create.

So who says you can't play with your food? Grab some candy and sweeten up your summer.

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