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DaimlerChrysler Recalls Vans

DaimlerChrysler AG is voluntarily recalling 1.4 million 1991-1993 Chrysler Town and Country, Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager minivans and 743,000 1996 minivans.

The 1991-1993 minivans are being recalled because of a possible problem that could cause the hatchback, or liftgate, to fall once it's opened, DaimlerChrysler said.

The bolts that secure the liftgate strut may loosen and separate from the minivan, leaving the liftgate unsupported, the automaker said. Eighteen people have reported minor injuries from the hatchback falling on them, DaimlerChrysler spokeswoman Sheila Gruber McLean said.

The recall expands an earlier recall of model year 1992 vehicles.

In another recall affecting the same vehicles, the automaker is seeking to fix a possible problem with the windshield wipers.

More than 100 motorists have complained they were unable to see properly during inclement weather because the windshield wipers stopped working, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which was investigating the minivans' wiper construction.

The agency said in a July report that there were no reports of crashes or injuries as a result of the windshield wiper malfunctions.

In the recall affecting 1996 minivans, DaimlerChrysler said it would replace the lock nut and gasket on the fuel pump.

There were six reports of small underbody fires, but no injuries, caused by leaking lock nuts. The lock nuts act like a mason jar in sealing the gas tank, McLean said.

Owners of the affected vehicles will be notified by mail next month and will be advised to call their dealers to schedule service appointments. The repairs will be made at no cost to customers.

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