Daily Convention Wrap-Up: Gimme A Sign!

A signature lyric from the one-hit-wonder Five Man Electrical Band really sums up much of the view from the floor of the Pepsi Center: "signs, signs, everywhere there's signs."

And in last night's live Convention Cast, the plentiful signage became a bit of a hot topic. For example:

CBS News national correspondent Byron Pitts: One thing I want to show you, there are no, or very few, spontaneous moments at these conventions. All the signs they put up, volunteers go around at different points and hand them out. For instance, when Biden came out, volunteers ran around and they handed out these signs … and when Obama came out and joined Biden on stage made his surprise appearance, they handed out there, "Obama – For The Change We Need."

Katie Couric: You should save some of those, Byron! They'll be collector's items.

Pitts: Now is that stealing?

Couric: No, no, no, they're on the floor! I think they're everybody's.

Couric [to Democratic strategist Joe Trippi]: Joe, while we're on the subject of signs … let's talk about those Hillary signs. There was a sea of white Hillary signs last night. You were supposed to bring one and have a visual aid. Did you forget your assignment?

Trippi: I don't have it! Yes.

Couric: That's okay. I think most people remember those Hillary signs from last night. Tell us the backstory, Joe.

Trippi: Well, the Hillary people provided art to the Obama people, evidently, that said, "We Love Hillary." Well, the Obama people thought that was a little over the top, and they went back and forth…about what words should be on the sign, and finally, I guess, in the sense of unity they could agree on one word, and that was "Hillary."

Couric: And there's a little post-script to that story, Joe, too, because apparently some of the Obama campaign organizers freaked out that there were so many Hillary signs in the convention center that they started handing out some of the Obama signs a little bit early, so it wouldn't really look like Hillary Clinton's convention, right?

Trippi: Yeah, but the picture was out already; they couldn't change it fast enough.

Interesting ... and educational! Well, enough seriousness. We here at Couric & Co. loved this interaction between Katie and Byron Pitts, who was trolling the convention floor talking to delegates. It involves a different kind of sign – an audio cue to cut. After Byron interviewed Cincinnati mayor Mark Mallory at length, Katie busted out a little sass:
Couric: Byron, dude, it's a Webcast, it's not a mini-series. Wrap it up! Hey listen, I want you … to cruise the convention floor and see if you can find any interesting people to talk to. And next time, take the wrap, will ya! Just kidding, Byron. We love you."

We're doing all of it again tonight. To join in, follow the links below.

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