Currie Testimony Excerpts Part 2

Q: By the way ... did you ever hear Ms. Lewinsky refer to the president as "the creep?"

CURRIE: I'm not familiar with her using that term. ...

Q: Is that true, that Ms. Lewinsky was not a person whose appearance in the West Wing would be welcome?

Q: that ... Steve Goodin thought that she should not be there.

CURRIE: I had heard him make comments to that effect, yes.

CURRIE: I would use the word "bad news," is I think the word that he used. ...

CURRIE: Other people had used the word "stalker." That's the word that people used. ...

CURRIE: The way they described it, she was she would figure out where he was going to be and be there. I said "Well, that's not hard to do. It's a schedule. She has a copy." So I didn't consider it stalking. I thought she was doing her job. ...

CURRIE: I did ask Tim Keating, who was I thought ... Monica's supervisor, why she was being transferred, and he said, "She got a better job." ...

CURRIE: Because to me if the stalking rumor was not true, which in my estimation it wasn't, then there must have been a reason, an official reason that they had to put on there. And he said, "She got a better job." ...

... Q: The president knew she wanted to stay at the White House.

CURRIE: Correct.

Q: The president knew that she was upset about leaving?

CURRIE: Correct.

Q: The president knew that she liked her job at the White House, correct?

CURRIE: Correct.

Q:The president knew that she was transferred out because of these rumors that she was a stalker.

CURRIE: I assume he knew that, too. I don't know. ...

Q: And the president wanted Monica to come back? Is that fair to say?

CURRIE: He didn't tell me not to pursue, so I couldn't say if he wanted her to, but I told him I would try to get her back. ...

CURRIE: He was aware that she wanted to come back. ...

CURRIE: I told him that I would. I don't know if he wanted me to or if I just offered to do it, but he was aware that I was going to be doing this. ...

Q: And did he indicate to you that he agreed that she should come back after the November '96 elections?

CURRIE: That he agreed that she should come back after that. If it could be worked out, yes. ...

CURRIE: And somehow or another, I don't think anything happened, and we told her or I told her that it probably happened, and we told her or I told her that it probably would be better after the election, that we could pursue it with a vengeance after the elections with her getting something. And then November came, and nothing happened. ...

CURRIE: Well, I wouldn't have said after the election at that time, but I tought at the time she was transferred that something could materialize at the White House. In April I would have assumed April, May, that something would open up and she can come back.

And then after a while nothing opened up, so I said, well, maybe we'll have to wait till after the election. Or I was told that maybe wait till after the election.

Q: And what was the president's response to your helping Monica get a job back at the White House.

CURRIE: I think he was OK with it.

Q: Whom did you tell that you thought Monica had been wronged?

CURRIE: Probably anyone who'd listen, but I'm sure I told Marsha, I probably told the president, I probably told Monica.

Q: What did the president say when you told him that you though Monica had been wronged?

CURRIE: I don't remember exactly, but he probably probably agreed with me. ...

Q: What did he do then to correct the wrong?

CURRIE: I guess he didn't do anything. Because if he had done something, I think a job would have materialized. He didn't. ...

CURRIE: In this case he had me do it, I guess. He didn't do anything.

Q: He had you do it.

CURRIE: Well, I was doing it. I don't know if he had me do it, but I was doing it. Maybe he was happy with the fact that I was doing it, and so he didn't have to. ...

Q: Our understanding is that the study is I think you testified to this also that it's where the president takes his naps.

CURRIE: The rare occasion that he takes a nap.

CURRIE: It's one of the few places that if he wants to be alone, he could be alone. ...

Q: Do you remember Monica calling you or you talking to Monica and Monica being upset about not being able to see the president, at any time?


Q: How often.

CURRIE: Far too often. I don't have a time frame, but it would happen often.

Q: Would it be fair to say, though, that there was a time when Monica wasn't complaining, that she was happy with the amount of time that she was seeing the president?

CURRIE: I don't know. ... It's hard to remember now that she wasn't.

Q: Would it be fair to say, though, that most of the time that the president and Monica met, they met in the study?

CURRIE: That would not be fair to say.

CURRIE: It would always usually start in my office ... And if he was there, I would let him know. If he was coming, I would let him know she'd be in my office, then into the Oval.

CURRIE: Most times, to my recollection, sir, that was Saturdays or after hours, and I was the only one there. ... It was just easier for me to get her and just have her sit in my office and wait.

Q: But the purpose when she waited in your lobby area was not to be seen by Mr. Goodin or NancHernreich ... is that right?

CURRIE: I'm sorry. Yes.

Q: And then when Nancy or Steve were around, you would bring her directly into one of the back rooms so they wouldn't see her.

CURRIE: ... I took her to the back room on rare occasions, not very often at all. ... It would be after hours or on Saturday so there would be no need to sneak. It would just be the two of us.

Q: Monica says that the president gave her hugs. Did you see that? Have you seen the president give Monica hugs on other occasions?

CURRIE: I saw it on the TV, with the beret. Probably probably, yes. He hugs a lot. I get hugs daily. So it would not have been uncommon.

Q: ... Tell us what you remember about Monica giving gifts to the president?

CURRIE: My first reaction only because I've seen it in the logs is a tie that she gave him, birthday. I think it was August '96. ... She probably gave him several ties. One tie he wore to the State of the Union. I don't know it was the same one or not, but ... I just get a blank on the gifts.

Q: Is it correct that Monica would tell you she would call you on the phone and say, `Betty, I have something for Handsome, or the president, and it's a card, and I'm sending it over to you. Could you make sure he gets it?'

CURRIE: I don't remember her being that specific. She may have said just a package, or, "I'm sending something over." I don't know whether she would say card, letter, note. I don't remember that, but she could have.

Q: ... You would pass it along to the president?

CURRIE: I would put it in his box. ... He would pick it up.

Q: So did the president ever make a call directly himself?

CURRIE: Rarely, to my knowing. I know he did once, and we were all surprised that he knew how.

Q: He knew Monica's number, too, didn't he?

CURRIE: I don't know.

Q: Is it true that the president would ask you to get Monica on the line so that he could talk to her?

CURRIE: That's probably true.

CURRIE: Well, she would call so often ... I mean, I wouldn't have to call her because she was always calling in, but probably true.

CURRIE: The best I remember she said that she wanted me to hold these gifts hold gifts, box of gifts I don't remember because people were asking questions. And I said, "Fine."

Q: It was your understanding, wasn't it, that these were gifts that the president had given her?

CURRIE: ... I don't know whether she said gifts from the president or gifts. I know some of the items in the box were gifts from the president.

CURRIE: The best I remember, she said that Mr. Isikoff was making inquiries about the gifts.

CURRIE: The question is, did I think the questions that were being asked were related tPaula Jones' lawsuit?

Q: Right.

CURRIE: I don't remember what Isikoff I don't remember if there was

Q: When did the exchange take place that she actually gave you the box?

CURRIE: Now, the best I remember, that I went to her house ... and picked up the box.

Q: And then what did you do with it?

CURRIE: Put it under my bed.

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