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Creating Your Family's Own Corner in Cyberspace

Email was a great start, but now you can easily create your family's own little corner in cyberspace. And it's free. Two new sites that let you do it are and Both will let you set up web pages that are password protected just for your family and send notices out by email inviting them to join. MyFamily General Manager Brett Walker...

"We think that technology in the past has tended to...not necessarily break families apart...but promote the distance that family members have. We think that we've now created technology that can allow families that are remote from another to actually get together in a meaningful place and communicate whatever time is convenient. Or even with our chat feature, get together online all at one time and communicate as a family."
You can share family photographs, and if you have the right equipment, even home videos. Walker says the response has been tremendous. Five hundred thousand members in the first eighty days...

"We've had people that have thanked us for essentially saving their families, bringing them together, connecting family members that have not talked in years."
The site was created by the same firm that created the popular geneaology site,