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Craig Kilborn's New Gigs

As the host of "The Late Late Show With Craig Kilborn," Kilborn takes a lighthearted look at the day's news events, giving us an often upbeat and funny look at his own take of what's going on in the world.

Having just appeared in the frat house comedy, "Old School" and fresh from a week down in The Big Easy (New Orleans, that is), Kilborn sat down with The Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen to catch up.

Kilborn took his show on the road during the NCAA tournament and says broadcasting from New Orleans was quite fun.

"It went better than we thought it would. It was supposed to be a lot of work, and was, but it went off really well, the feeling was let's do this again," he said. His show is only four years old and most of the late night shows have in one way or another hit the road, he noted. So he did it and got it out of his system.

Another thing new that he tried recently was being an actor. He got a bit part in the frat house comedy, "Old School."

"Everyone says that shooting movies are tedious. This wasn't because they knew that I have a full time day job to get to," he noted. No he is not looking to change careers, he said. " But I am looking at a role where I would play myself. My agent is looking into it as we speak."

So, for now, he makes people laugh.

"I think younger people under 35 want to laugh all the time. No one wants to be depressed. People who are older tend to be more cynical," he said.

He jokes about pretty much everything except the presidency. "I just don't think that it's very patriotic," he said, noting he has done jokes on Saddam and Iraq and has made fun of celebrities and their anti-war stances.

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