Court TV's Anchor For A Day

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How hard can it be to anchor a show on Court TV? One lucky Connecticut attorney has an opportunity to find the answer to that question for herself.

Kelly Voight won Court TV's first "Anchor for a Day Contest" and makes her national television debut on Aug. 14, 2002. She appears on Court TV's live daytime coverage with fellow attorney and hosts James Curtis and Lisa Bloom.

Voight told The Early Show she was shocked and excited at winning the first contest she has ever entered.

Her day concludes with an appearance on " Catherine Crier Live".

To participate in the contest, contestants were required to be licensed attorneys and to submit two-minute on-camera audition tapes.

"My first thought was that it would be cool to make a video. Then I thought it would be cool to win. I've never been on television before," said Voight. "The third reason was that if anyone ever asked me what my pipe dream job was, it would be something on television or in the public eye."

In January, Court TV and the National Law Journal kicked off the contest at the Legal Tech Convention attended by more than 10,000 lawyers. These lucky lawyers were given an opportunity to tape their auditions on a Court TV set.

Clips of the audition tapes were posted on Court TV's Web site, and visitors were asked to vote on their favorite. More than 7,000 people voted online. Voight, with her outdoor audition tape , was the number one pick. She received twice as many votes as the closest runnerup.

"I think the fact I had written a script made me appear polished. Many of the finalists were sitting in the Court TV chair at the convention center for their audition tape, but mine was original and I think that helped," said Voight.

Voight is a director in the career development office at Yale Law School. She is a graduate of Boston College and George Washington University Law School and lives in Connecticut with her husband and two children.

If the name Voight rings any bells, that's because Kelly is related to the actor Jon Voight. Kelly's father — a songwriter — and Jon Voight are brothers. However, that piece of information was not mentioned during the contest and panelists were unaware of it.

Court TV was so pleased with the contest that officials say it is planning to make it an annual event.