Coupon-Crazy Moms Save Big $$

How much can you save at the grocery store? Maybe more than you think.

In part two of its three-part series, "Supermarket Secrets," The Early Show took a trip to the grocery store with savings experts, Chrissy Pate and Kristin McKee.

The two stay-at-home moms showed Early Show consumer correspondent Susan Koeppen their savings secret: coupons.

"I used to spend about $800 for all our household items, and now I spend under $350," Pate said.

Pate and McKee have turned their savings methods into a business at, imparting their penny-pinching knowledge to people across the country.

Pate and McKee showed Koeppen how to get many items for free or at a low cost, by not only using coupons, but by shopping at grocery stores that double their coupons' worth. They also suggested that shoppers collect both the manufacturer and store coupons for use together.

The spoils of their coupon clipping? The pair walked away with free toothpaste, salad dressing and cough drops, as well as 30-cent peanut butter, 29-cent frozen vegetables, cereal for $1.40, and cleaner for $1.

Pate and McKee also suggest stocking up on essentials when prices are dirt cheap, and making a list before going to the store to avoid buying unnecessary items.

"You go in, you get what's on your list," said Pate, "and you get out."

The savings mavens bought a full cart of groceries worth $79.01, but only paid $26.82 -- that's a savings of $52.19.

Koeppen asked, "Are the cashiers shocked when you guys come through?"

McKee replied yes.

"Sometimes they will say, 'Oh wait I think I made a mistake,'" said Pate, "and we'll be like 'no.'"

Koeppen added, "You're like, 'No, no. I'm just a really good shopper.'"