Couple Collects Cans to Pay for Wedding

Forget the platinum wedding. Peter Geyer and his fiancé Andrea Parrish are focused on aluminum -- some 400,000 cans worth.

Help collect cans for the couple's wedding

That's the amount of cans the couple is hoping to recycle to pay for their July 2010 wedding.

The Spokane, Wash., couple has more than 18,000 cans -- almost 200 pounds -- in their living room -- about five percent of their goal.

The Spokesman-Review newspaper says that would be about five tons of aluminum, worth about $3,800 when recycled.

Parrish said on "The Early Show" the recycling idea suddenly came to her one night.

"(The idea) slapped me upside the head and wouldn't leave me alone," she said.

Parrish and Geyer told their friends through Facebook and Twitter, and got word out in their community.

Parrish said, "I asked if people had cans in their office, in their home, started putting collection bins out and it's just grown from there."

Parrish said the couple's biggest donation is 70 pounds of cans from an office that had been collecting for five or six years.

You can help out the couple by recycling your cans and donating the proceeds on their PayPal account. Visit to learn more.