Correcting A Mistake

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This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.
Let me let you in on a little radio secret. I write these missives on a computer in my office. It's not a very fancy process. I juggle a few ideas around and one usually pops out as the subject for the day. I don't have an editorial board or gaggle of overseers who edit my work. So every six months or so, I make a stupid mistake.

This week I put Peggy Noonan with Richard Nixon. Ouch.

At a reception for Prince Charles and Camilla here in New York this week Peggy, and my wife and I joined forces to wiggle our way into just the right place so we could get our thirty-second audience with the Prince. I introduced Peggy to the prince as one of our great writers and of course as the great speech writer for Ronald Reagan. The Prince was impressed. But, when I wrote about it the next day I rattled off Nixon speech writer Peggy Noonan.

How does that happen? Was it fatigue? Was it Freudian? In any case I'm sorry. I've always said you can't trust the media.

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By Harry Smith