Cops Impound Webber's Car

A $70,000 sport-utility vehicle belonging to troubled NBA star Chris Webber was impounded Sunday after authorities stopped a sleeping driver a few blocks from the White House.

The driver could not produce any identification, and a check of the vehicle indicated that it was registered to Webber, a Sacarmento Kings forward.

No charges were filed against Webber, who used to play for the Washington Wizards but still lives in the D.C. area.

The traffic stop happened after a U.S. Secret Service officer drove up behind Webber's Humvee. When the vehicle failed to move through the intersection as the light turned green, the officer investigated.

Webber faces a court appearance in Prince George's County Maryland Nov. 30 on a marijuana possession charge. He also faces six traffic charges including driving without a license in connection with that charge which occurred Jan. 20.

Webber was fined $500 after admitting marijuana possession in San Juan, Puerto Rico, in August. Webber and former Wizards' teammate Juwan Howard were cleared of charges stemming from a sexual assault complaint in Prince George's County, Md. earlier this year.

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