Cool Gear of 1983

Tom Cruise in Warner Bros.' Risky Business - 1983
"Early Show" weather anchor and features reporter Dave Price "traveled" back to 1983 in the ongoing "Time Machine" series.

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He "returned" from that year with a few mementos of the era.

He had a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses, the shades made popular by the film "Risky Business," starring Tom Cruise. That year, the scene with Tom Cruise dancing in nothing but a shirt and Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses quickly became iconic, and Ray Ban Wayfarers flew off the shelves.

Another item Price brought back with him was a Hacky Sack. Although it was invented in 1972, Wham-O toys didn't release Hacky Sacks to the American public until 1983. There are a lot of tricks that are available with this foot bag bouncing game, and it was wildly popular throughout the 80s. There are Guinness world records for doubles, men's and women's singles.

Price also brought back a boom box. Developed in the late 1970s and reaching its heyday in 1983, the boom box started off as a simple portable radio and quickly became as large as a personal stereo. Although they are large, in theory, they are made for portable use and were battery-operated.

Dave also could beef up on his trivia knowledge on his way back from 1983 with his Trivial Pursuit game.

Though the game was invented in 1979, it was released in 1983, becoming an instant success. In 1984, the game sold a record 20 million copies. The game remains popular today with specialized subject matter, such as television shows and movies. There are also many DVD editions sold.

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And just if Price got thirsty on his trip back from 1983, he had a juice box to quench his thirst. Juice boxes were initially released in 1983 and became a staple of lunch fare. They've stayed on the market as a best seller ever since.